Veroqi Culture

First and foremost, Veroqi is 'family first.' Veroqi is founded with the core principle that people are more important than profit. Health and well-being of ourselves and our family are important. 'Family' to us means: relatives, friends, coworkers and community. Through charitable work and community activities we want to make the world better.

Veroqi is Community

One normal work day each month, the Veroqi family will take part in a community activity. We will dedicate time to give back to our community. Activities such as:

  • cleaing up a local playground
  • helping out at a retirement center
  • restoring a cultural building
  • tutoring
  • guest speakers for classrooms

Veroqi is Charity

As stated, the core of Veroqi is people over profits. With that, Veroqi will donate a portion of it's profits each year to charities that may not get as much recognition or funding for the good work they do.

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