Development Services

We offer a wide range of solutions for website, platform, and mobile applications. By using these services, you can get a unique and customized solution that meets your specific business needs. Whether it is a website for your business, a platform for your clients, or a mobile application to reach out to your audience, our custom development services can help you.

These services deliver quality, efficient and effective solutions that will enhance your business operations and improve customer experience. With the help of experienced developers, you can create a website, platform or mobile application that is tailored to your requirements. So, if you want to take your business to the next level, consider custom development services for your website, platform, or mobile applications.

Case Study: Integration Platform
Iconiq Integration Platform (IIP)

The core system that connects to data sources and retrieves information to transform into the VCDA. The integration has the ability to connect to a data feed in almost any format: from APIs to raw data. The platform can be consumed as a standalone service or in conjunction with the Veroqi Application Server.

Veroqi Application Server (VAS)

Communicates with the IIP via the VCDA for websites and mobile applications. Manages users and their authentication. User and Access logging and much more. The VAS can be used to power an application (website or mobile) built by us, our customer, or a third party.

Veroqi was initially created to help companies more successfully integrate and connect in the digital space regardless of their industry or technology stack. We created a series of dedicated scalable systems using the Veroqi Common Data Abstraction (VCDA)© for universal communication between systems.